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Why you read blogs

Thanks to Jack Ruttan for the inspiration for this week's comic, from a posted comment. I agree with him: "blog" IS an odd-sounding word. According to this Wikipedia entry, the word "blog" is a short form for the term "web log."

Thanks also to Doug Eat Doug's Brian Anderson for mentioning my comic!

I've decided, by the way, that Eliza's cat REALLY needs a name. Any suggestions?

Last week I asked why some of you read blogs. Here are some of the responses:

From Katharine Swan:

"I read blogs (primarily other writers’ blogs) for much the same reason as I write them:

1) Getting involved in the online writing community — it’s like having coworkers without the drama!

2) Getting to know other writers — I like having friends who share my passion!

3) Because it’s just darn fun… Not to mention it’s a good way to procrastinate and still feel like doing something useful. Reading blogs (as well as writing them) is my stress relief.

4) Did I mention that it’s fun?"

From Linda Blatchford:

"I read blogs to see what people are blogging about because everyone’s blogging.

I write blogs because I like to write and it’s quicker than working on the 3 books I’m writing and have to reformat to pitch again.

Love the name of your website … hmmm, maybe I should change the name of mine to 'will write ABOUT chocolate'. (I am a chocolate distributor and a chocoholic.)"

From Susan Johnston:

"I read blogs to get inspired and connect with other writers. It’s an excellent distraction when I’ve hit a brick wall with my other work."

From MStar:

"I primarily read the blogs of my favorite authors to get a little bit more of their writing in between books. I check almost daily the blogs of Meg Cabot, Scott Westerfeld, Libba Bray, and Holly Black.

Although I myself love to write and aspire to be published one day (I’m a teenager, so making it to graduation is my main concern right now), I love reading just as much, if not more."

From Chimera:

"I read blogs for the simple reason that I like reading - be it books or blogs,whats the difference? you get variety and some snippets of some ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ elements ,with an added dash of humor - it just spices up my otherwise dull and boring day at work where the only source of entertainment would be the sound of the coffee-machine!"

From Jen:

"I read blogs because they’re entertaining and informative. They allow me to connect with others out there in the void. :)"

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