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Why you read blogs

Thanks to Jack Ruttan for the inspiration for this week's comic, from a posted comment. I agree with him: "blog" IS an odd-sounding word. According to this Wikipedia entry, the word "blog" is a short form for the term "web log."

Thanks also to Doug Eat Doug's Brian Anderson for mentioning my comic!

I've decided, by the way, that Eliza's cat REALLY needs a name. Any suggestions?

Last week I asked why some of you read blogs. Here are some of the responses:

From Katharine Swan:

"I read blogs (primarily other writers’ blogs) for much the same reason as I write them:

1) Getting involved in the online writing community — it’s like having coworkers without the drama!

2) Getting to know other writers — I like having friends who share my passion!

3) Because it’s just darn fun… Not to mention it’s a good way to procrastinate and still feel like doing something useful. Reading blogs (as well as writing them) is my stress relief.

4) Did I mention that it’s fun?"

From Linda Blatchford:

"I read blogs to see what people are blogging about because everyone’s blogging.

I write blogs because I like to write and it’s quicker than working on the 3 books I’m writing and have to reformat to pitch again.

Love the name of your website … hmmm, maybe I should change the name of mine to 'will write ABOUT chocolate'. (I am a chocolate distributor and a chocoholic.)"

From Susan Johnston:

"I read blogs to get inspired and connect with other writers. It’s an excellent distraction when I’ve hit a brick wall with my other work."

From MStar:

"I primarily read the blogs of my favorite authors to get a little bit more of their writing in between books. I check almost daily the blogs of Meg Cabot, Scott Westerfeld, Libba Bray, and Holly Black.

Although I myself love to write and aspire to be published one day (I’m a teenager, so making it to graduation is my main concern right now), I love reading just as much, if not more."

From Chimera:

"I read blogs for the simple reason that I like reading - be it books or blogs,whats the difference? you get variety and some snippets of some ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ elements ,with an added dash of humor - it just spices up my otherwise dull and boring day at work where the only source of entertainment would be the sound of the coffee-machine!"

From Jen:

"I read blogs because they’re entertaining and informative. They allow me to connect with others out there in the void. :)"


For those interested, Wow! Women On Writing interviewed me for their April issue. Also, I was invited to be a guest blogger at DesignSessions: Notes On Design; my posts: Digital Illustration, Online cartooning,
Flickr and Illustrators, and Protecting Your Online Images.

The Scream

Blogging isn't for everyone, but I've certainly found that it's helped me in my writing and illustrating; many of my paying assignments during the past couple of years have come about because of my blogs. I've made writer friends and also have done some useful business networking through the blogosphere as well as learning more about the craft and business of writing through certain blogs.

The joy of deadlines

My blog-reading habits have changed. I used to mainly read personal blogs, but now I find that there are just so many. My creative work time is precious to me, so although I do keep track of my favourite personal blogs through a feed reader, I focus on blogs which are work-related as well as blogs that inspire me, either personally or my craft.


A while back I posted an entry called Why I Blog.

This week's survey: Why do YOU read blogs?


Why I Blog

(Cross-posted to Inkygirl and Blatherings recently; sorry, things got very busy this week.)

I was tagged by Katharine Swan in a meme that's been going around writers' blogs where the challenge is to answer "Five Reasons Why I Blog." I don't tend to do memes, but I feel compelled to answer this one because the topic (why people blog) has always fascinated me, especially since my friend Erin posted this entry.

So here's my answer:

1. Originally, I started my Blatherings for friends and family, especially to keep in touch with friends I don't tend to see too often because of geography. While this is still partly a reason I blog, it's no longer the main reason.

A Brilliant Idea

2. I blog because I'll forget things otherwise. There are times when I forget the name of a place or person I encountered years ago, and can look the info up in my archives. It's also fun for me to go through old posts about events I've enjoyed, sort of like flipping through an old photo album or scrapbook.

3. I blog because it improves my writing. Forcing oneself to write about something almost every day is a good exercise, I find. It has especially helped me in my nonfiction writing, and has also been good for self-discipline. I haven't had anything resembling writer's block in quite a few years.

4. I blog because it helps me get more work. While this wasn't a factor in the beginning and still is not the main reason I blog, I likely wouldn't be blogging as often as I do if it didn't have this added benefit. I've gotten both writing and illustration assignments because of Blatherings, Will Write For Chocolate, and Inkygirl.

The Blog Addict

I also make enough through Google Adsense to pay for my Publisher's Weekly subscription as well as memberships in various writers' organizations, and help cover my office expenses. I know the whole "blogging for money" is a thorny issue. Blatherings doesn't get as much traffic as Inkygirl, tho I do have ads in the lefthand column -- I figure every little bit helps. I don't let this influence what I write about.

For Inkygirl, I do blog in hopes of generating some Google Adsense income as well as the networking aspect (I've already met so many interesting writers as a result of starting that blog). I also use Inkygirl to challenge my comic creativity, coming up with several new comics a week. In a way, it's sort of my equivalent of Blatherings, but for my comics. Eventually I hope to publish a print collection of some of my comics, and it will help if I can tell potential publishers that I already have an established readership.

But back to the whole "blogging for money" controversy -- what's so evil and wrong about wanting to earn some income from my writing? I'm a WRITER, for pete's sake, and a freelancer at that. I write for enjoyment, and I write for money. If the two happen to overlap sometimes, then that just makes me happy.

Blog habits

5. And after ranting about how it's ok to blog for money, I have to confess -- even if blogging wasn't helping me in my work life, I'd still be blogging.

Blogging's fun. It's exciting to know that anyone can be reading what I write (and I'm careful in what I write about to make sure it's exciting and not terrifying). I love sitting down at the computer with a blank text screen in front of me and figuring out what I should write about that day. I love interacting with people who read my blogs, especially hearing about how something on my blogs has helped them personally or professionally. Those types of comments or e-mails always make my day.

I blog because I can't NOT blog.

I'm not going to tag anyone specifically -- feel free to post about this in your own blog if you'd like, and post the URL below.