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Why I just subscribed to Publisher’s Weekly

So I've decided to finally sign up for a Publisher's Weekly subscription. I've been resisting for a long time because of the hefty subscription fee (US$239.99 in the U.S., US$299.99 in Canada/Medico, US$399.99 for Int'l Air Delivery). I did try subscribing quite a few years ago, but I found that with regular mail delivery, issues arrived in Canada long after they were available in the U.S.

Now, however, everything can be accessed online. I just wish they offered a cheaper fee for a Web-only subscription.

Here's why I decided to subscribe:

- I got tired of not being able to see full articles.

- The articles are well-researched, so I can count on the accuracy of the information.

- I got tired of relying on second-hand info that referenced Publisher's Weekly. I figured: why not go the source? :-)

- Checking the bestseller lists (my main interest is children's books) on a regular basis gives me an idea of what's selling out there.

- Breaking publishing news. I like to know what editors are moving where, about new imprints, publisher closings.

- PW also publishes some great analytic pieces...taking all the stats and publishing news and summarizing it in terms of what the news means to the publishing industry overall.

- Tales From The Slushpile: a great comic by Ed Briant about the trials and tribulations of a children's book writer.

What about the rest of you? What other subscriptions or memberships have you found useful in your writing career? Please post them below.