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Golden Marmot Award: Chuck Wendig's "If you like a book" tweet


 It's been a while since I've awarded the Incredibly Prestigious and Exquisitely Ephemeral Golden Marmot Award, but this week it NEEDS to go to Chuck Wendig for this wonderful tweet.

In addition to following @ChuckWendig on Twitter, I encourage you to read his Terribleminds blog. (*** To those offended by strong language: be warned that Chuck embraces it. :-)) While his focus is not specifically on children's books, many of his posts contain nuggets of wisdom useful to writers all genres.


And the Golden Marmot goes to: Tim Federle @timfederle


This week's incredibly prestigious Golden Marmot award goes to BETTER NATE THAN EVER author Tim Federle for his brilliant Twitter status update above. You can find out more about Tim at Timfederle.com and on Twitter at @TimFederle.




And the Golden Marmot goes to: John Hendrix @hendrixart

This week's incredibly prestigious Golden Marmot award goes to illustrator John Hendrix for his brilliant Twitter profile bio above. You can find out more about John at Johnhendrix.com and on Twitter at @hendrixart


And the Golden Marmot Award goes to: Liana Brooks

Screen Shot 2012 06 08 at 4 11 20 PM

This week's incredibly prestigious Golden Marmot award goes to sf author and marine biologist Liana Brooks for her tweet above. You can find out more about Liana at her website: http://www.lianabrooks.com/ and follow her tweets at @LianaBrooks.


Golden Marmot Award goes to: MIKE JUNG

Today's incredibly prestigious Golden Marmot award goes to middle grade writer Mike Jung for his entertaining Facebook post above.

Mike recently announced that his book GEEKS, GIRLS & SECRET IDENTITIES, is under contract with Arthur A. Levine Books (yay, Mike!).


Golden Marmot Winner: SlushPile Hell

Hopefully, reading through SlushPile Hell will help new writers avoid making the same mistakes as the ones made in queries to this crusty lit agent. You can also find SlushPile Hell on Twitter at @SlushPileHell.

I'm resurrecting my Golden Marmot Awards because I keep coming across sites and tweets that, while they may be a tad too cynical or crusty for my Golden Cupcake Award, still make me laugh.

Sadly, I wasn't able to import the previous winners when I moved to Squarespace, so am starting from scratch again. If you'd like to nominate a tweet for the Golden Marmot Award, feel free to RT the tweet in question with the #marmotaward hashtag.