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Business Insider profiled me in an article!

Hey, check out this Business Insider article: "10 Ways People Are Using The iPad To Create Content, Not Just Consume It." Heh.


Posting morning digital publishing, iPad & ebook news

Thanks for all the crossed fingers about my book projects, all! Much appreciated. :-)

I know I've raved about the SCBWI writers' conference before, but I must rave again. Since the conference, I've been at least twice as productive as usual. Not just because of what happened with the Illustrator Portfolio Showcase, but because of the workshops and talks I heard as well as the people I met.

I still haven't posted some of the takeaways and mentorship session details, but I still plan to. SO much to write and draw, and not enough time! Holy cow. Anyway, thanks for your patience.

Rubin Pfeffer's keynote about digital publishing and the children's book publishing industry really boosted my interest in digital technology and its impact on book publishing. Since Inkygirl (and @inkyelbows on Twitter) has a focus on the craft of writing, I've decided to save most of my digital publishing and e-book posts for my iPadGirl blog (and @ipadgirl on Twitter).

For those who don't have time to browse my iPadGirl tweets, feel free to read my occasional daily round-ups of news about digital publishing, e-books and iPads on iPadGirl instead.


New iPad comic created entirely on my iPad

Click on the image to the left to see a bigger version of the iPad comic I created this morning. If you're curious about what apps I used to create it, you can read the whole post in iPadGirl.


Digital publishing, E-Books & iPads

Just a reminder that if you're looking for digital publishing, e-book and iPad info, you should read my iPadGirl blog (and follow iPadGirl on Twitter). I keep my main Inkygirl blog focused on the craft and business of writing.


Digital magazines aren't quite there yet

For those interested, I've posted some of my thoughts on digital magazines over on my iPadGirl blog:

Diamond Age Lust and Thoughts On Digital Magazines