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I'M BORED. Written by Michael Ian Black, illustrated by Debbie Ridpath Ohi, published by Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers. A New York Times Notable Children's Book and Junior Library Guild selection. Teacher's Guide (K-5) now available.



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Comic: Sometimes you just have to learn to let go...


Comic: The Plot Hole


Comic: Sometimes You Just Have To Let Go...


Comic: Revision Angst


Thanks to Writers Write Creative Blog for making this particular comic so popular on Facebook right now. :-)

I'm posting some of my older comics here as I catalog and tag them in prep for a print book compilation. You can find my comics for writers on Inkygirl (, Tumblr ( and Pinterest (


Comic: Cat and Dog Editors


NaNoEdMo - National Novel Editing Month

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I was reading this post in Writer Unboxed and thought I'd remind you all about National Novel Editing Month.

Looking for motivation to edit your manuscript? Check out NaNoEdiMo, which is a challenge to writers to spend 50 hours in March editing your novel.

An excerpt from the site:

You have entered the portal to the crazy world of novel editing. Have you written a 50,000 word novel but haven't edited it yet? Then you've come to the right place! It is here that people from all over the world gather together to spend 50 hours in March editing their novels. This is not as easy as it might sound but the forums are available to get advice and ask all the important questions you may have. Advice from real published authors will also be here to help you and a certificate of completion awaits each winner at the end of the month.



Comic: Serious Line Editing

Scholastic editor Cheryl Klein (Arthur Levine Books) has an excellent post about her 3-step line editing process: A Mid-Line-Edit Ramble e On Line-Editing.


Comic: What they're really thinking


New comic on Writer Unboxed: Obsessive Compulsive Editing Support Group

Just posted a new comic over on Writer Unboxed.


Writers: avoid these clichés like the plague!

(Update: link fixed -- sorry about that!)

If you want to keep your writing from sounding too predictable, read this post by Delia Cabe from about over-used pet words, phrases and devices.