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#BookADay: How To Cheer Up Dad, by Fred Koehler

I've decided to participate in Donalyn Miller's 6th Annual Book-A-Day Summer Challenge. You can read more about the Book-A-Day challenge and guidelines on the Nerdy Book Club blog

I wouldn't be able to attempt to do this were it not for the fact that picture books count; there's no way I'd have the time to read an entire novel a day this summer. I also figure it'll be a good excuse to reread some of my favourites! Not sure if I'll be able to post here for every book I read or reread, but will tweet about my #bookaday books on @inkyelbows.

Today, I reread my friend Fred Koehler's HOW TO CHEER UP DAD. Can't wait to read the sequel in 2015.

See my #BookADay archives for other books I've read or reread during the Challenge.

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