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Review: GroovBoard - Lap writing desk and stand for the iPad

Grooveboard 01

I had never heard of the Groovboard until Thomas Borowski approached me via Twitter about reviewing his company's product. I generally don't do product reviews anymore but when I checked out the GroovBoard website, I was so intrigued that I asked Thomas a few questions and then said I'd be happy to check one out.

The GroovBoard functions as an lap desk and an iPad stand, with grooves for inserting your iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard (in flat mode, I found I didn't really need the keyboard groove; see above photo) as well as built-in holders for a stylus. 

One of my first questions to Thomas: "How heavy is it?" The answer: Depending on the type of wood, a Groovboard can weigh between 1.7 to 2.6 lbs (800-1200 grams). I asked for the lightest type, so Thomas sent me the American walnut model:

Groovboard walnut flat back large

My GroovBoard arrived from Germany in good condition, and I immediately tried it out to see what the weight was like:

Grooveboard blanket

(Above: I'm wearing the cool Autodesk Sketchbook t-shirt I got at Febtor)

Good news: I don't notice the weight at all. It's sturdy enough that I don't feel as if my iPad is going to tip it over, but it's not so heavy that the weight is uncomfortable.  It's a bit too bulky for me to want to travel with it, but it's perfect for couch writing. According to the website, there is also a GroovBoard cushion available.

The GroovBoard also separates into two pieces in case you want to use it as an iPad stand/prop for watching movies or typing with or without the keyboard:

Groovboard 02movie

If you want to use it this way with a keyboard, just hang the keyboard from the upper groove:

Groovboardin use upright keyboard 2 grande

That photo is from the GroovBoard site, by the way -- I don't wear nail polish. :-)


I've been using the GroovBoard for several weeks now, and I love it. So does my husband -- he plans to order one for himself. I keep my GroovBoard in the living room beside the couch. Some might also use it to do writing or watching movies in bed.

The model I reviewed (GroovBoard Walnut) costs $129 fro non-EU customers, plus shipping.

Where to find out more:

Website: http://groovboard.co

Twitter: https://twitter.com/groovboard

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Groovboard

Reader Comments (2)

That's such a cool concept , and looks amazing. I want to purchase one for my iPad as well. Once question though, is it not too heavy on the legs for extended period of time? I know you say it's not uncomfortable, but i don't know whether you meant for a short term period or not.

March 6, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDaniel

Hi Debbie, I saw your blog post on your g+ profile and was fascinated by what a Groovboard was. I can see how it would help you handle your ipad better but does it not also get in the way sometimes? It looks heavy too. Do you think it's worth it's high price tag?

May 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterIan Tomlinson

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