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Online Community For YA Writers: YALitChat

YA author Georgia McBride has started up a community for YA writers on Ning called YALitChat.

YALitChat is named after the #YALitChat group on Twitter, founded by Georgia:

#YAlitchat is a weekly twitter chat for anyone involved in the writing, editing , marketing or publishing of Young Adult literature. #YAlitchat takes place at 9PM EST and goes until 10:15PM. There is a guided discussion three weeks out of the month and one week each month, there is open discussion.

For daily tweets relating to Young Adult literature that may be of interest to our writers, I have started a #YAlitchat Twibe. Our Twibe is a twitter group for #YAlitchat members. Visit http://twibes.com/YALITCHAT to join. There is also a larger community where you can connect and share twenty four/seven on ning at http://YALITCHAT.ning.com without worrying about the limitations of twitter.

If you're a YA author, I strongly recommend checking out this community. Georgia regularly posts up-to-date info about markets and industry news relevant to YA writers. And feel free to add me as a friend! You can find me at http://yalitchat.ning.com/profile/inkyelbows.

Reader Comments (3)

Holy cow! Thanks for featuring #YAlitchat here! It has really taken on a life outside of twitter--grown out of a need to connect beyond the weekly chats. I appreciate everyone single person who takes time from their weekly schedule to participate in the twitter chats and makes our conversation relavant. As for the new community on ning, it is growing by leaps and bounds. I continue to accept recommendations for ways to make is useful for everyone. Thanks again for your support.

January 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGeorgia McBride

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