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Twitter Guide For Authors & Illustrators > Site Admin > How do you maintain so many Twitter accounts? Isn't that a lot of work?

Index of topics: Main Twitter Guide For Writers & Illustrators page. To go back to my blog for kidlit/YA writers and illustrators, see Inkygirl. You can find me on Twitter at @inkyelbows (focus: writing and illustrating children's books) and @DebbieOhi (livetweets, chat, photos, personal ramblings). Also see my list of Other Useful Twitter Guides For Authors And Illustrators and Twitter Lists of: agents who represent kidlit/YAkidlit/YA editors, children's book art/creative directors and K-12/teen librarians on Twitter.

Search the FAQ for entries containing:

If you're wondering WHY I have more than one Twitter account, see Why do you have a separate @DebbieOhi account from @inkyelbows?

Here's the answer to a related question I've been asked:

Isn't it a lot of work maintaining multiple Twitter accounts? How do you do it?

In terms of creating and posting on Twitter, it's not really any extra work. I use Hootsuite to create each post, then I just decide where to send it (which Twitter account). Where I send it depends heavily on the topic of the post and what type of post it is. I do the same with my multiple blogs, using a tool called MarsEdit.

My low-chat high-info posts for writers (and sometimes illustrators) go to @inkyelbows, and this is the account I consider my primary account for any promo or work-related purposes.

I send my board gaming posts to my @BGGgirl Twitter account, for example.

Conversation or livechat posts go to @DebbieOhi.

I use @DebOhi for following non-writer/illus friends and family. Purposely keeping this small. If I follow you from another account (writing, illustrating, gaming etc.) I am unlikely to follow you from here.

For iPad and digital ebook & digital art obsessing, I use @iPadGirl.

Group/collab Twitter accounts:

@MigWriters - Twitter account for my Mig Writers critique group and blog.

@KidLitArtists - Twitter account for the blog & SCBWI Mentees.

@PixelShavings - Twitter account for the Pixel Shavings blog.

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