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Twitter Chats For Writers

To see a compact weekly overview, see Writer Twitter Chats: Week At A Glance. To see the list organized by day, tag, and alphabetical, please see Index: Twitter Chats For Writers. If you notice any errors or missing info, please let me know - thanks!





ScriptChat brings new and seasoned screenwriters together to learn and grow. Our topic changes every week, so stop by often, but remember, we're a community, not competitors. Leave your ego behind... but bring your tequila. Scriptchat happens Sunday nights with a EURO addition moderated by Mina Zaher, @DreamsGrafter, at 8pm GMT, and a USA chat moderated by Jeanne Veillette Bowerman, @jeannevb) at 8pm EST.  Transcripts and chat instructions are posted on our blog  Novelists are always welcome.  We can all learn from each other.

Sundays - PST: 5 pm MST: 6 pm CST: 7 pm EST: 8 pm



#steampunkchat: Fridays

Moderated by: @Lia Keyes, @MattDelman and @jhameia. Follow @steampunkchat for schedule changes and announcements. URL:

PST: 6 pm MST: 7 pm CST: 8 pm EST: 9 pm



Chat for those who create storybook apps for kids.

Sundays 9 pm EST

On Twitter: #storyappchat and @storyappchat

More info:

This is the place to come for information about #storyappchat, a Twitter chat for those who create storybook apps for kids. The chat is at 9:00 p.m. ET (6:00 p.m. PT)  on Sunday nights.

Our mission is to bring together and facilitate discussion between people who have a passion for creating storybook apps and ebooks for children.

We plan to feature a mix of topic-centered discussion and regular guest hosts from the industry. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @storyappchat.
Clear your calendar on Sunday nights and join us!



storycraft: Takes place immediately after #writechat. Focuses the craft of fiction writing. Fiction writers of all experience levels and from any medium are most welcome! "At the end of each chat we will be putting up a Flash Fiction Challenge related to our topic of the week. Anyone who undertakes it can have their piece on the #storycraft blog at" Moderated by @TamarNKitties, @iamJaymes, or @Danisidhe, using the account @Story_Craft (which you can follow for updates).


PST: 3 pm MST: 4 pm CST: 5 pm EST: 6 pm



Info needed.



#ThrillerChat: Wednesdays.

#thrillerchat is a Twitter chat for anyone interested in writing Thrillers, although you don’t have to be a writer to join in. 1-2 hours. Moderated by: @Selorian. More info here. PST: 5 pm MST: 6 pm CST: 7 pm EST: 8 pm



#tuesdayserial: Aims to provide writers of serials an opportunity to promote their serial each week as well as provide readers of serials a handy place, every Tuesday, to find the latest installments of serials they follow and discover new serials to read. For more info, see the guidelines. Moderators: @Doublelattemama, @TonyNoland



#UFchat (

For urban fantasy writers and readers.

There is also a #UFchat blog for weekly chat transcripts, recommended reads, announcements, occasional urban fantasy posts, a growing list of UF people on Twitter:

Moderated by @inkgypsy (
Co-moderator @snowppl (

Saturdays - PST: 3pm MST: 4pm CST: 6 pm EST: 6pm



#undeadpoets: Every day, but especially on Wednesday. Moderator: @UndeadPoets For now, this is going to be a "slow" chat (primarily on Wednesdays). Description. 



#WNW: Wednesdays Wednesday Night Writer. Fantasy/Fiction discussion group on Twitter. Moderator: @_decode_ . PST: 5-8 pm MST: 6-9 pm CST: 7-10 pm EST: 8-11 pm



#writechat: Sundays Topic or topics are usually announced at the beginning of the chat. Moderated by @WritingSpirit PST: 12-3 pm MST: 1-4 pm CST: 2-5 pm EST: 3-6 pm



#YALitChat: Wednesdays YA Moderator needed. Please DM @Georgia_McBride. PST: 6 pm MST: 7 pm CST: 8 pm EST: 9 pm

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