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January 7, 2013: After some hard thought, I've decided to officially shut down this blog. I know I haven't updated it in a while, but I thought I should let you all know so you can remove it from your RSS feeds, etc.

Reason: I've decided that I need to find ways to make more time to read and create books.

I had great fun working on illustrating I'M BORED (written by Michael Ian Black, published by Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers in Sept/2012) and am now working on writing and/or illustrating new book projects. In addition to my picture book projects, I also want to get back to my novel writing.

My challenge: I want to do too many things and am currently involved in too many projects. My solution: To prioritize and cull.

You can find out what I'm working on at or follow me on Twitter at @inkyelbows.

Thanks so much for your support and interest in my projects.

-- Debbie

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Review: Corkulous for the iPad - collect, organize and share your ideas

Here's a list of the iPad apps for taking notes and writing that I've reviewed so far. Corkulous isn't so much about writing long pieces, but is great for keep track of shorter notes.

CORKULOUS ( iTunes link ) ( Website )

Updated: April 26th, 2010 - Version 1.2

Size: 12.3 MB - Developer: Appigo

Price: $2.99

I love the fun Corkulous interface, which closely mimics a giant corkboard. I've seen a lot of apps that try to mimic a corkboard, but Corkulous goes beyond a simple "notes on a corkboard" idea and lets users attach a wider variety of items including not only typed notes but also pictures, images and contacts, to do items (which you can check off with one tap) and labels.

You can move around and resize items. I can have one big post-it note, for example, that can have as much writing on it as a page in another writing app. I can choose the colour of the post-it note, a choice of four fonts, adjust the size of text, choose the type of text alignment.

Looking at the sample screenshots, you can already see how useful this app would be for planning out a book. You could collect idea snippets, images that inspire you, post goals and deadlines, build up character backgrounds, etc. SO many possibilities for writers!

Here's a promo video that will give an idea of the app's potential:

What I liked:

- Very easy to use. You can select the type of item you're adding by opening up the virtual set of drawers at the bottom of the screen.

- You can imbed corkboards within corkboards.

- You can export PDFs of your whole corkboard. Or, of course, just take screenshots and save them to your Photo Library.

- You can resize a post-it note so that it can hold a lot of text.

- Easy to select and move or edit items.

- You can search the content in your corkboards.

What I didn't like:

- Not being able to resize labels and to-do items the same way as you would a post-it note. Granted, the size of the item expands as you type more text, but I'd like the option of having a giant label (looks like a small piece of paper stuck to the corkboard with a piece of tape) with smaller items contained within it.

Wish list:

- Have the option of e-mailing corkboard content WITH the corkboard texture behind it. 

- Be able to draw on a post-it note.

- Would be nice to be able to use the pinch movement to zoom in and out to get a quick overview of a corkboard instead of having to scroll around it full-size to navigate.

- Would be great to have an iPhone version that syncs with the iPad Corkulous.


I love this app! Priced at only $2.99 (introductory price), it's a steal.