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How To Use Your Chapters/Indigo Gift Card To Buy E-Books On Kobo

KoboGiftcard-2010-12-28-09-37.jpg?fileId=9978635 I rarely buy physical books anymore, so when I received a generous Chapters/Indigo gift card from a relative for Christmas, I hoped I’d be able to find a way to use it to buy e-books. Score! Kobo now enables users to apply their Chapters/Indigo gift cards toward Kobo books. Two ways of doing this: - Upon checking out, enter your gift card number and PIN when prompted for any special gift card credit. You still need a Kobo account in order to do this, however, and I believe this also means you have to enter your credit card info. or - Use your Chapters/Indigo gift card to buy yourself a Kobo gift card. I chose this option to move my gift card credit into my Kobo store credit so I could buy e-books through my iPad Kobo app.

Reader Comments (2)

Do e-gift cards from chapters work? Mine doesn't. The site tells me that the card is not registered. How do I get around this? Can you help me?

April 12, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterleam

I tried to use my Chapters Indigo Gift card to purchase an Kobo ebook. It asks for the pin # then card # - I think the pin # is the one under the taped area but what is the card #? There are three other numbers on my card - one above the bar code and two separate numbers below the bar code. Are one of these the card #? Please advise.

December 20, 2014 | Unregistered Commentervicki Visnapuu

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