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Donalyn Miller's 2019 #BookADay Challenge Has Launched!

(Shortcut to this page, until next year's updated post: http://inkygirl.com/bookaday. Also see my #BookADay archives and Donalyn Miller's official #BookADay post on the Nerdy Book Club site.)

Donalyn Miller's 11th Annual #BookADay Challenge has officially launched! You can read about the history of #BookADay, guidelines and more via Donalyn's #BookADay post on the Nerdy Book Club website. While I read throughout the year, Donalyn's #BookADay challenge helps me rediscover my reading mojo. I also enjoy other people's book recommendations as well as sharing my own.

For you educators out there: Donalyn also mentions Jillian Heise's #ClassroomBookADay challenge, which you might consider for the next school year: the goal is to read a loud a picture book every day of the school year, to students at any grade level.

What I do: I read books I haven't read before but I also reread books as well, including picture books. I listen to audiobooks while I'm doing housework or other repetitive activities. I embrace all formats, not just print. I have books on-the-go everywhere in our house. Here are some of my tips for busy bibliophiles who have trouble finding time to read.

I'm trying to catch up with posting my own recommendations; you can read my text-only #BookADay archive links as well as see my #BookADay collages in my Padlet below; I also post on Flickr, Pinterest and Twitter.


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