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Summer reading, access to books and Donalyn Miller's post on the Nerdy Book Club

If you enjoy books for children and young adults, then I encourage you to go visit the Nerdy Book Club blog, if you haven't already. I enjoyed Donalyn Miller's recent post about how to increase book access for all children. Enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I was inspired to drawing the image above. Although the tips in the article are geared mainly toward educators, I found them informative and motivating for book creators as well.

Some of my favourite tips:

"Provide young people access and encouragement to read any text they want in any format they can."

"Dedicate your time and resources toward literacy initiatives that put books in kids’ hands—especially kids from marginalized communities."

Thanks to Donalyn for also encouraging educators to buy books if they like it enough to recommend it.


"Additionally, when we buy new books, we support the artists who write and illustrate for young people. Blog posts, reviews, and tweets are great, but book sales ensure artists can keep making art. If you read a book in ARC (advanced reading copy) format and you like it enough to recommend it, buy the final book. Review copies are marketing tools to build advance buzz and interest in the book. If we want more books written by authors we love, we need to buy their books."

Thank you, Donalyn!


For more summer reading resources as well as free, print-ready posters and summer reading activities, feel free to visit my Summer Reading Resources page.

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