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A Cautionary Comic For Writers (plus one of my New Year's Resolutions)

Almost all of my comics are based on my own experience as a freelancer, as you might have guessed. This one is particularly relevant. One of my constant challenges is that for me, social media is more fun than work....but as a result, it can be way too easy to justify time I spend on social media as work.

This year, one of my work goals is to get my middle grade novel finished. 

While I can't control IF my novel is ever published (and I've become positive that this angst has a lot do with why I've been spending way too much time fussing about the outline and prep), I can focus on getting the book finished.

Which is why I've decided I really need to pull back a wee bit from some social media, especially Facebook. I suspect I'll be on much more than the average person, but I'm going to try being more conscious about when I use social media, and how I use it.

My favourite social media these days: Twitter and Instagram. Some people find Twitter too negative but I find that so much is about what feeds you follow, and how you interact.

Reader Comments (1)

Read this and in some ways, can relate on things such as time management and getting side-tracked by twitter, then checking emails for any fab jobs that I have to apply(to keep the jobcentre off my back). Then whilst applying for jobs, tweeting random inspiration that comes to mind, I also play some fab hit mixes from the 90's music scene(as at this moment I am currently listening to D:Ream-U R the best thing and Things Can Only Get Better...(some fab tunes back then, not like the garbage that we get now...sorry for my rambling by the way!!).
I would like to be an inspiring travel writer just for an added hobby(nothing too serious) and to have the ability to spread my little legs and get out of my comfortable surroundings.

By the way: Found your blog/tweet share via: Twitter.

January 10, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterMarie libby Gaffey

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