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2013 Keep Toronto Reading: If I Could Save One Book.... #KeepTorontoReading

To help support the Toronto Public Library's "Keep Toronto Reading 2013" campaign, I created the video above. 

The question: If the library was burning, which book would YOU save?

Join Toronto's One Book city-wide book club (hey, you don't HAVE to be in Toronto to enjoy the book) and read Ray Bradbury's classic novel, Farenheit 451. Then take part in one of the city-wide events during April: see the Toronto Public Library's Keep Toronto Reading 2013 page.

Reader Comments (1)

OMG save one book? I just couldn't, I would probably watch them all burn from indecision! Bradbury, Ayn Rand, Lee Child etc. Clearly I would not be good in a library fire.

March 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSimon

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