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Finding the balance between the feel of a real book & the digital world

From Christopher Herz at The Huffington Post:

As the publishing industry struggles to find that balance between the digital world and the feel of actually handling a book, perhaps a look towards the emotional connection is the bridge.

Right now, while we all follow twitter feeds and become fans on Facebook, what might be getting lost is the fact that reading a book is an extremely intimate and personal experience. To give travel notes of the journey is a benefit to both writer and reader, and might just promise a relationship that can only grow with each trip taken together.

Reader Comments (1)

Hi Debbie,
Regarding your cartoon -- good one!
I find that while I love my iPad -- two places exist where a paper copy can't be beat: your example in the tub and before I reach 10,000 ft. in a plane.

June 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLori Franklin

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