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Index of topics: Main Twitter Guide For Writers & Illustrators page. To go back to my blog for kidlit/YA writers and illustrators, see Inkygirl. You can find me on Twitter at @inkyelbows (focus: writing and illustrating children's books) and @DebbieOhi (livetweets, chat, photos, personal ramblings). Also see my list of Other Useful Twitter Guides For Authors And Illustrators and Twitter Lists of: agents who represent kidlit/YAkidlit/YA editors, children's book art/creative directors and K-12/teen librarians on Twitter.

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Why did you tweet about my book/info/offer/etc in @DebbieOhi instead of @inkyelbows?

I try to be very careful about how many promo-type of tweets I include in my @inkyelbows feed. In regular times (when I don't have a newly launched book to promote or an important/exciting event), I try to keep at least 80% of my tweets informative and useful rather than promo-related.

I also tend to try to avoid the hard sell approach in @inkyelbows -- directly asking followers to buy something or some other commercial favor. I don't like using phrases "free Kindle book" or "webinar" or "free giveaway" except on rare occasion, because I believe that users see them way too often in their feeds already. When I DO use these words or phrases, or ask people to buy something, I want them to be effective. 

When I choose to post a promo-related tweet in @DebbieOhi instead of @inkyelbows, it's usually because I've made the decision that it's not a good time to post it in the latter (for whatever reason; also see links below).

I am positive that one of the reasons I DO get far more people following me on @inkyelbows than @DebbieOhi is because I try to keep @inkyelbows lowchat and high-info, with a minimum of commercial-type tweets.

Thanks for understanding. Also see:

Last updated on December 23, 2012 by Debbie Ridpath Ohi